DON'T ABUSE DRUGS; Check Out these 20 Medical Drugs Guide You Must Follow Before You Take Any Drug


Taking Drugs with non-challant attitude or without proper prescription can have an adverse effect on the wellbeing of an individual, you don't or can't just take any drug without following a Physician prescription or that from a certified pharmaceutical shop outlet, taking wrong drugs or medicines can damage your kidney or liver and in most cases, can leads to death. 

These are the 20 home & personal measures you should know before taking in any drug, and this advice was based on write up by a known twitter influencer and an intelligent pharmacist, Sub-Pharmacist. 

1. Paracetamol will work faster on an empty stomach.

2. Eating oily food and taking malaria medication like the Artemether/lumefantrine will make it work better.

3. Don’t take NSAIDs (e.g Ibuprofen, Felvin, Diclofenac) on an empty stomach. They will irritate your stomach

4. Dexamethasone increases blood sugar and should not be taken by someone who is diabetic (when taken, the blood sugar should seriously be monitored). Talk to your healthcare provider about that.

5. Dexamethasone interacts with birth control pills.

6. Don’t take take Dexamethasone for weight gain. Using it for such will only harm you. Only use it when prescribed. Dexamethasone works by reducing your immune system, it is to be used only when prescribed because the benefits outweighs the risks. Using it on your own is bad.

7. If you are taking Magnesium trisilicate (mismag, an antacid) and another drug, take the mismag at least 3hrs before taking the drug or 2hrs after taking the drug.

8. Take tetracycline 2hrs before or 6hrs after taking an antacid

9. Take tetracycline 2hrs before or after taking zinc containing products.

10. Tetracycline can HARM the FOETUS. If you are pregnant or have plans of becoming pregnant while taking tetracycline, call your doctor immediately

11. Taking Tetracycline with alcohol or within the period of alcohol intake is highly not advised.

12. If you have epilepsy don’t take Ciprofloxacin as it can precipitate seizure attack in people with epilepsy.

13. If you are severely depressed don’t take Ciprofloxacin.

14. Don’t take more than 2tablets of paracetamol once. It’s also important u know that the highest daily dose of paracetamol you can take is 3000mg/day and that’s 6tabs (i.e 500mg). Except u are being supervised by a healthcare provider, above that you’re doing damage to ur liver.

15. Don’t take Ciprofloxacin for menstrual pain. Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic and not paracetamol.

16. Taking Diclofenac for ulcer pain is suicidal. Diclofenac is a painkiller yes, but it can cause ulcer so it’s wrong to take it for ulcer pain

17. Don’t take two NSAIDs:

Don’t take Ibuprofen and Diclofenac. Don’t take Felvin and Ibuprofen together. Doing that can damage your kidneys and cause ulcer

18. Don’t take Dexamethasone together with Ibuprofen or Diclofenac. Doing this results in increased side effects. You do more harm to yourself...

19. It’s particularly wrong to use alcohol or soda to take ur drugs.

20. The time in which you take your drugs is very important. It’s not just there. Some drugs have higher effects in the morning, others in the evening, if it’s prescribed for you to take it in the morning, do that.

Source: Twitter

Credit: Sub-Pharmacist

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