SEASON OF SNAKES; Check Out the Best 9 Home Practices You can Adopts to Prevents Snakes From Getting into Your Water Closets, Toilet Bowls


Following the news of the tragic death of a Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Personnel Lance Corporal Ogah Bercy, attached to the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), who died of complications from snakebite in her toilet at the NAF Base Bill Clinton Drive Abuja, many Nigerians minds and hearts have been set into fear, while many have their hearts in their mouth, that couldn't even find it reasonable again to go the restroom without going with a pot of salt or a very hot boiled water to stop any activity of any crawling insects or reptiles inside the water closets. 

Snakes are crawling reptiles that are warm-blooded in nature, but the begging question that confuses most people is; how can a snake find its way into the water closet by surviving inside water or in the septic tank while hiding or living inside it?

Snakes can adapt to most warm surfaces and do look for warm places to dwell, especially crevices, holes, under the rug, corner of rooms, inside the room, however, the least places snakes can live is inside the septic tank or inside the water closet itself, we have snakes who can survive inside water, called water snakes, but because of their warm-blooded body, water closet just serve as a medium for their inlet root, they can live inside the septic tanks for a long time as far as the place is cool and warm.

Snakes come out mostly during harmattan seasons to shed out their skins and warm their body, at this time of the month, the November period is set at the beginning of the dry season so the probabilities that snakes will be much around this time around are very high.

What are the possible ways to prevent snakes from entering your water Closet?


Especially green snakes types, bushes or grass can serve as an abode for some snakes to hide, snakes can hide inside wall holes, broken ceilings, uncut Bushes or grasses, however, cover up every hole in the house, clear up the bushes to the minimal level, Never leave a space under your frontage door that leads to outside, all loopholes or spaces must be closed firmly, with this measure, they won't have anywhere to enter or hide in your homes.


Vinegar is effective at repelling snakes near bodies of water including swimming pools. Pour white vinegar around the perimeter of any body of water for a natural snake repellent.


Snake repellent sprays are affordable and are available around some of the shopping malls like Jumia, get one for yourself or your family, spray around the house, corners of the room, and the surroundings. 


Snakes sometimes don't necessarily come into some homes if they don't see something they are chasing or to eat, home rats serve as preys to snakes, this increases their urge to hunt for these rats thereby using a corner of your homes as a place to hide to catch their preys. 


Always make it habitual of effectively cleaning and sanitization when you are sweeping your compounds or rooms, sweep all corners that have food debris or remnants, raise up your rugs or carpet and make sure you sweep underneath and don't leave any dirt traces there. 


Crumple garlic by making it into a powdery form, add little water, spray it or sprinkle it across the walls and corner of your rooms, Snakes hate the smell of garlic, it repels them excessively.


This is one of the commonest plants we can have around our homes, Snakes hate the odors of scent leaves and are very offensive to them, scent leaves are a common plant in Nigeria you can get and plant in your backyard, it repels snakes faster. 


If you are wondering how snakes get into your toilet, this is one of the commonest ways they can use to intrude, check where your septic tanks or soakaway is located, check for open holes, Snakes can crawl into the septic tanks through the open holes, patch up open holes or fill it with hard blocks of cement. 


Never go to the toilet without having a touch or lights on, before you squat on the water closet, wait for about 45 seconds before you put your buttocks on the WC, be silent, don't move your legs, if you are in a toilet without light, put off your touch for like 5 seconds, then immediately put it on back directly inside the center of the wc before you use the toilet, Never be in a haste to use the toilet, remember, November is snakes season, harmattan is around the corner and they looks for a warm place to dwell, don't be a victim of snake bites, be cautious!!

In case you are accidentally bitten by a snake, don't move, immediately call for help, stay at that spot or take two steps away from the scene, the more you move, the faster the venom gets into the bloodstream, get a rope and tie firmly just above the bitten spot, if you have bitter kola, grind or eat it to extract the liquid, bitter kola has been seen to neutralized snake venom which serves as first aid before you get to the hospital.

Hope this will help.

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