6 Worrisome Reasons Why the Nipple on your Br.easts Hurt so Much


Nipples are very sensitive part of a woman private part, and so much to a sense of touch around them, however nipples are susceptible to infectious attack due to some habitual reasons thereby feeling so hurtful when they are tempered with.

There are various reasons why your nipples may feel so hurtful ranging from pregnancy, br.eastfeeding, inverted br.east, menstruation, br.east cancers, and some poorly fitted clothes.

These are the reasons why your nipples may feel so hurt.

1. During Period

During your regular menstrual flow, the swollen of nipples and breast indicates the sign that your period is about to come, during this time, estrogen level becomes high which makes your br.east become more tendered and swollen, however, you many experience little pain during this period but before or immediately after the period ends, you will feel alright.

2. Poor Fitted Clothing

If you are the type woman that looks busty, wearing fitted tops or clothes near your nipples may make your nipples to become cracked or fractured by the abrasion of the tight cloth especially during hiking, chafing, running over a long distance, it's advisable to use a nipple sterile gauze or better still, wear a foamed bra that will protect your nipple areas.

3. Breast Cancer

Swollen lymph nodes under your arm, redness of nipples, may be a vital sign that you may have develop a breast cancer, though having lumps in your brea.sts may show little or no pain on your nipples, only the areola (side) part of the nipple will become painful.

4. Breastfeeding

During br.eastfeeding, a nursing mother do feel sharp pains around their nipple areas due to constant sucking of the brea.st by the baby, regular s.ucking of nipples by babies may cause soreness of breast which will go away overtime after the baby have accustomed himself to the breast, mothers suffers redness of nipples at the early stage of nursing a baby which is normal and will eventually go overtime.

5. Pregnancy

Hormonal changes will set in during the time of your pregnancy and the br.east will become swollen, the nipple tendered and becomes a little painful, there will also be some drops of milk from the milk ducts when you near your pregnancy period.

6. Infection

Poor hygiene from mother to child may incur growth of yeast on the nipples.

Thrush is a yeast infection of the br.east and nipple that can happen when you’re breastfeeding, especially if you have cracks in your nipple. You can also get it after you've taken antibiotics.

Pain from thrush feels like a stabbing, shooting, or burning in your nipples

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