Your Urine Color and What it Says About Your Health


What you eat, drink, medicine used, illness, weather may be a contributing factors to the appearance of how your urine may look like. 

It may have a variety of colours, it usually ranges from deep amber or honey colour to light straw colour with golden variations in between.

If everything is normal and healthy in your body, the colour of your urine should be a pale yellow to gold.

Here is a list of the urine colours and what each urine Colour says about your health :

1. Transparent or no colour.

These might be as a result of drinking too much of water in which your urine passes out as colourless and sometimes if feel to taste, it's tasteless. 

2. Pale/transparent yellow

You are normal, healthy and well hydrated.

3. Dark Yellow

You are normal but might need to hydrate yourself by taking of fluids. 

4. Brownish yellow

Sign of dehydration or a possible sign of liver disease.

5. Pinkish red

This could be a possible sign of Kidney disease or, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) or a tumor.

6. Blue or Green

These are probably due to dyes in your food or medication you’ve taken. Possible sign of rare genetic disease if the Colour doesn’t go away after a short time.

7. Foamy

If your urine is foamy, then, it's dangerous, It may be a sign you have too much of protein in your urine, which may mean you have a kidney disease.

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