How Many Times Should you Poop in a Day? Read This!


Your body need three major substances: carbs, fats, proteins. Along with water It takes time for this to get absorbed into the bloodstream. If you poop more often than one a day then likely you’re eating too much for your body weight, is very inactive and have a low heart rate. 

Your body really only wants to take in what is necessary and let the rest pass. Fructose (found in sugar) tricks this into absorbing more than is necessary.

Foods like vegetables take longer than meats to digest and thus needs to stay in the colon longer to extract as much nutrients possible. 

Some foods depending on the person pass through quickly seemingly undigested (corn, green leaves)or act almost like a laxative (prunes). If you are going 72 hrs or more without pooping then the first turd to pass may dry up and move slower thru the large intestine making it larger, harder and compacted. 

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