Stop Risking Your Health! Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Tissues Instead of Water to Clean Your Anus {MUST READ}


Water is a universal solvent or a cleaning agent that completely wash off or clean anything you use it against. Washing your anus with water after defecation has been highly recommended by some science expert while using of tissue papers has been strongly franked at.

Every homes or in any standard hotels, there you will see a tissue paper beside any water closet system, but are tissue papers effective in cleaning of anus is question to be asked, are there any health effects while using tissues after toileting? If you ask me, I will say YES.

Tissue papers are soft tissues which you uses to clean you anus after you defecate, but tissue paper cannot or may not properly clean your anus after defecation as there will be some remnant of faces around your anus and this may invariably transfer infectious diseases to the body systems. 

Is tissue paper harmful? YES! 

The most dangerous of these toxins is chlorine and unfortunately, most conventional toilet paper is processed with chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach creates dangerous toxins such as dioxin and furans. These toxins accumulate in our bodies, creating a dangerous situation for our health.

Women especially should be very careful in using tissue paper in cleaning off their anus because of the openings around the genitalia areas. One of the reasons they say women should wiped from the front to back and not from front to back after having baths is because of this; you many unknowingly transfer faces remnant to the private part, and faces contains a lot of bacteria and fungi microbes which can cause infection to the women private parts.

In addition, during s3xual intercourse with your spouse, and due to the women va.ginal proximity to the anus, during penile penetrations, a man pen#s may invariably transfer dirt, germs or remnant of faeces into the lady's labia minora as a result of improper cleaning of the anus and this may serves as a great threat to the va.ginal and infections may manifest.

However, using water to clean your anus after defecation is the best method you can adopts immediately after defecating, water will aid to clean the anus properly without any traces or remnant of faces on your anus, this why, in the modern water closet toileting system, each WC comes an attached nozzle long pipe anus water rinser which you can easily use to wash off your anus after defecation. 

By using water to clean or wash off your anus this will reduce the chances of faecal cross contamination from anus to va.ginas in women and from anus to facial contamination during wiping with towels in both genders. 

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