Bad Breathe, Causes and How You Can Treat it By Yourself


How do you feel when you hang around your friends or at a social gathering and while talking, they use handkerchief or hands to cover their nostrils, bad Breathe and body odours are two interchangeably one of the worst poor hygiene abnormalities that can happen to any human. 

One of the best way to making sure you do not have bad breath is to keep your teeth, tongue and mouth always clean.

These are the five possible causes why you have bad mouth odours:

  • eating or drinking strong smelling spicy foods or drinks 
  • crash dieting 
  • Smoking
  • Holes in your teeth, gum diseases or dental plaque. 
  • Medical condition factors such as tonsillitis, dry mouth or acid reflux action.
Some Dos and Don't You Have to Follow to Avoid Bad Breathe 


✅ Use toothpaste that contains fluoride (Oral B, Close up, recommended) 
✅Clean you teeth with a brush that is neither too soft nor hard (Oral B toothbrush recommended) 
✅Brush at least twice a day 
✅Always flush out your mouth after every meal with clean water to prevent debris that may form plaques
✅Eat less of chocolate candies or brush immediately after eating as this may become sticked to the gum area
✅Brush from up to down (and not across) brushing up and down allows the debris that sticks between guns to be easily removed 
✅If you love chewing gum, chew menthol gums and never chew sugar - contained gums. (Orbit Gum recommended) 
✅Try using anti bacterial mouth wash
✅Gently use a tongue scrapper to clean your tongues everyday. 
✅Change your toothbrush at least once every month (toothbrush is just N150 Nigeria naira, you can afford that I guess)
✅Avoid leaving your toothbrush in toilets during toileting


❌Smoking is not good for the teeth, avoid it
❌Don't use too hardened brush on your teeth to prevent bleeding gums
❌Avoid eating or chewing sugary foods
❌Avoid foods that cause bad Breathe such as eating raw onions or garlic 

You can try to see your dentist if you experience :
  • Painful or swollen gums
  • Bad mouth odour that does not goes away with time after treatment by yourself 
  • Tooth aches

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