(VIDEO) Man Seen Filling Bottle Water at One Corner of his Room


A viral video of a man circulating on Internet self - filling bottle water inside his room, with a mini filler machine which fills the water, he does the closing of the closure cap after the filling, where he got his water from, not known, and also the bottled water were not registered under any regulatory body.

What you as a consumer should know is that, not all sachet water you see out there are pure and not all bottled water you drink are safe, there are recommended premium bottled water with a brand you can go for, like Eva, CWAY, Mr V, Aquafinas, Nestle, to mention but a few of the most commonest bottled water with a regulatory trade mark.

Be safe out there and don't drink water anyhow, check the brand, and anytime you buy water to drink, first try to have a taste of it before drinking because some water you get at highway whether during travelling or at home may not be probably treated.


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