VIDEO: (Viewers Discretion) How Hot Temperaments Can Affect Your Health & Aftermath Effect of it


Every humans has one temperamental attitudes or the other but your ability to control your temperament in the time of anger is what makes you a man. Some people can be so annoying to you, offend you, even trying to piss you off at slightest provocations but during heat arguments, if you can’t control your temperament, then avoid unnecessary arguments with people.

Majority of lives had been lost from football arguments with respective football fans, while at beer joints, many had break bottles within their peers just because they can’t control how they can hold up an provocations or arguments.

In Nigeria, there had been cases of home wives stabbing their husbands to death and sporadic cases of men setting their wives ablaze just because of infidelity, all these misdemeanor acts or behaviours resulted from bad or hot temperaments.

Development of high BP

You can developed unwanted high blood pressure from being temperamental, when the level of your blood get raised due to profuse anger or annoyance, there is inflow of uncontrollable blood to your heart which in turns might even leads to someone's getting slumped and die from there, so caution yourself. 

The video below, portrays a bad temperamental man who doesn’t even know the health status quo of whom he was fighting with, please, let’s try and control our temperaments during fights or heat arguments, because the aftermath fights are always dangerous and that is when your eyes will be wide opened if you eventually become a victim of circumstances.

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What you can do during Anger to Quench it. 

Hormones controls some function in our body system, for example, during the time of fret or if you see a snake, hormone responsible for high tension or fear during that time is Adrenaline hormone, your adrenaline triggers during this time and your heart beat faster than usual, same goes to anger or temperaments, your adrenaline hormone level get raised higher than usual, one of the most soothing remedy to quench this, is to get a lot of water to drink, this will normalise back your hear beat rate and makes you a bit calm, you can try this any time.. 

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