7 Do's and Dont for Healthy Knee Joints


The biggest joint in your body is your knee. That’s why it’s also the joint that causes millions of people so much pain over time.

But there are ways you can extend the life of your knee joints, simply by following a few rules.

Here’s 7 do’s and don’t of healthy joints:

  • DO - Try Braces or Knee Sleeves: You can support a sore, weak knee with a brace or sleeve. A simple sleeve that fits over your knee can offer short-term pain relief.
  • DON’T - Sleep in the Wrong Position: This can make your knee pain flare. Don’t prop up a bent knee on a pillow, that can make it harder to unbend your leg the next day.
  • DO - Change Temperatures: If your knee pain flares, try hot or cold treatments. Soak in a warm bath or press a bag of ice wrapped in a towel against your joint.
  • DON’T - Eat French Fries! Or any other foods with saturated fats known to trigger inflammation. Inflammation can make your knee pain worse.
  • DO - Wear Sturdy Shoes: Wearing comfortable shoes that help your posture can take pressure off your knee, making you less sore after a long day.
  • DON’T - Rest Too Much: Synovial fluid is what carries nutrients to your joint muscles, but when you’re sitting down that fluid can’t flow. Resting for too long might feel good, but it can make you stiff and sore.
  • DO - Take a Joint Health Supplement: Your knees are full of cartilage that act like “cushions” between your joints. Feeding them the right nutrients can help your knees stay healthy as you age.

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