Boils, Causes and Possible Treatment

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A boil is a hard and painful lump that fills with pus. Most boils go away on their own. You need to see a medical practitioner if you are are getting a constant boil on your body. 

Causes of boils

You may be more likely to get boils if you have a long-term condition such as diabetes or HIV.

You may also be more likely to get boils if:

You have close contact with someone else who has boils
You cut your skin while shaving
Carbuncles are less common and mostly affect middle-aged men.
Poor body hygiene can also give you boil, at least shower twice a day before bed. 

Treatment for boils

You may need:

A small medical surgery may be use to drain the boil and get rid of the pus
Antibiotics too can help, such as Ampliclox, in most cases, Lincomycin capsules can also be effective. 

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