Top Health Maintenance Organisation Scheme (HMO) in Nigeria You Can Use in 2022


Having a good health insurance for you and your family is a top notch to improve your health status quo, however, there are organisations which are into health insurance scheme and under them you can chose to register your entire family for adequate and proper treatment, though, this depends on the plan you are into. 

For instance, HMO, a Health Maintenance Organisation that provides health insurance for a monthly or annual fee for its members. It consists of a group of health insurance providers that provide medical care through medical professionals and have different medical treatment plans.

Over the years, health complications have being on a rise status quo and exposures to various levels of pollutants and other health hazards had lead to an individual’s susceptibility to diseases. In the long run, this could not only be life-threatening but financially draining.

Not many may like to go to expensive private hospitals to get medical care they need, that's why the institution of HMO comes in, HMO will give you the benefit to chose different and affordable plans within your financial capabilities which after enrolling in, you can get your treatments on monthly or annual basis. 

These are top 5 HMOs in 2022 you can chose to enrol across Nigeria:

Hygeia HMO is a leading health insurance company in Nigeria operating since 1986. As a matter of fact, Hygeia HMO is one of the best HMOs in Nigeria, if not the best. They are well known for swift customer care service, automated system of operation and giving a rich experience.

Additionally, they have great hospital options, whether for corporate or individual health needs. Hygeia network covers various services including; primary care providers like general practitioners (GPS) and secondary care specialists like dentists, physiotherapists, E.N.T practitioners and many more.

Also, at Hygeia HMO, you will always find a plan that suits your needs.

Hygeia Plans include:
Personal Plan: This plan is suitable for individual, families, pregnant women, senior citizens etc
SME Plan: This plan has two categories; HyStarter and HyStarter (Premium)
Corporate Plan: This also have several categories: HyLite, HyBrid, HyValue, HyEnhanced and HyLeague

Roding Healthcare Limted offers healthcare packages with appropriate subscription fees /deposit for health care delivery ranging from primary, secondary up to the tertiary health care level.

Our health care plans are specially tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals, families and corporate entities. Our Corporate Healthcare plans are: Basic, Classic, Unique, UniquePlus and Supreme Plans; all the plans are specially tailored to provide medical cover for individuals and families.

Mediplan Healthcare Limited was incorporated in 2000 and they offer great healthcare insurance services with the best hospitals. Not only that, they are also known for taking prime care of their subscribers.

Apart from corporate and individual clients, Mediplan also provide health cover for the staff and dependents of Federal Ministry of Works, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, and Federal Ministry of Labour & Productivity.

In addition, their service extends to men and officers of the police force and their dependants in Oyo, Osun, and Ondo states in Nigeria.

Plans include:

All purpose Health Plan (APHP)
Enhanced Health Plan (EHP)
Enhanced Health Plan Plus (EHPP)
Ultimate Health Plan (UHP)
Super Ultimate Health Plan (SUHP

Oceanic Health Management Limited was established and licensed by the NHIS in 2007 for the provision of managed health care to the Nigerian public with a share capital of N400,000,000 (Four Hundred Million Naira) fully paid.

We are one of the few licensed managed health care services providers that have been recently re-accredited by the NHIS.

As your partner for life, Oceanic Health is recognized as a front liner in providing managed healthcare services. It has always been our mantra to exhibit a deep sense of responsibility in the course of delivering our services.

Therefore, we are strategically positioned to provide quality healthcare service to all segments of the society.

Reliance HMO is a health insurance company that operates like a technology company. They use software, data science and telemedicine to make their service accessible to all. Reliance HMO offer affordable and great insurance plans with reliable and good customer service

For as low as N3,500 per month, you can get an individual plan. also, they have affordable plans for family, people with special needs and businesses.

Their address: 18, Jimoh Oladehinde Street, Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria. 

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