Reasons Why You Feel Sleepy While Having Your Haircut


Most of men are guilty of this occurrence, as an health enthusiast, I merry-go-round online to actually figure out what can really cause a man to sleep while having his haircut, not even quora can actually explain until I went to deep research and I figured out through a means. 

There is no actual scientifically evidence backing it but the only related scientific proof behind why you actually feel sleepy while you undergoes haircuts shall be explained below.

These are two reasons figured out!

1. Your Body Release Nuero-chemical called Melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone, related to serotonin, that is secreted by the pineal gland, and stimulates colour change in the skin of reptiles, and also involved in the sleep and wake reproductive of mammals.

Your skin head scalp contains this hormone which makes you feel relax whenever a barber is brushing through it, which makes you feel as if you are feeling dosing off during the haircut.

Have you ever wonder while barking dogs calms and stop barking when you touch or brush through their heads? You will see that you will immediately becomes that dog's friend and the dog will keeps moving closer to you to brush more through his head, and at this process, observe the dog, he gradually closes his eyes as you do that, the same applies to human being when the hair is being brush though.

This occurrence not only applies to men alone but also to women, women loves it when you touch their hair, brush through it, triggers their emotions, makes them feel relax and the serotonin level in their body rise which makes them feel more secured and happy around you, so, melatonin I can simply say it's a relaxing hormone which makes you feel sleepy whenever the body is brushed, a massage is done or when a barber is having your haircut.

2. You are Exhausted or Tired

Another resounding reason is that you can be very tried or exhausted by the time you go ahead to have your haircut. When you feel exhausted, your body and nerves endings tends to relaxed.

The way our body chemistry is deigned is that when you sit for more than 1 hour on one spot without moving, there is tendency that you will feel sleepy, a confusing reason which may relate for you feeling sleepy during your haircut. 


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