Best Times When you Need to Drink Water


Water is essential to life of humans which we can't do without, however, you can take water at anyday or anytime, but what's the appropriate time water will function well in your body system, however, these are some of the best time to take water:

1. When you wake up

Before you Take your toothbrush to brush, first take water on that empty stomach early in the morning, it aids in detoxifying and flushes out unwanted substance in your kidney, it also regulate your internal body organ.

2. After Workout

Taking water immediately after every workout, aids the heart in its functionality. When you gym or workout, your heartbeat raises, rate at which blood pump into your heart increase and all the circulatory system of your body is working at the same time, you can take water after each workout, it will help to regulate back your heartbeat and help the circulatory system as well.

3. Before Meal

Take about 2 cups of water at least 15minutes before meal, this in turn will help your digestive systems to digest food better. 

4. Before Shower

Take water some minutes before you have that shower, it helps in lowering the blood pressure especially for those who are highly hypertensive. 

5. Before Bedtime 

Not only during meal is water ideal for drinking, you can also take it some minutes before going to bed but caution; in little quantity (to avoid frequent waking up to pass out excess urine), this aid in replenishing the lost fluid in the system.

6. When you are dehydrated 

Your body will definitely send you signals to take water when you feel thirsty, at this time, just get a cup of water to drink, this help cool and quench your thirst and also aids your digestive system, it also aids in flushing out unwanted substances during urination.

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